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Warrany, Returns, Refunds and Cancelled Orders

30 Day Return Policy

Bumpboxx Europe offers a 30-day return policy. 

If you wish to return your BUMPBOXX unit, please make sure to send it back in its original condition and include all of the items shipped to you (Bumpboxx Unit, charger, Microphone, AUX cable and Manual)

In order to be eligible for a complete refund please make sure to check your BUMPBOXX for scratches, dents, or any other damages as soon as you receive it. If there is something wrong with your BUMPBOXX, you have to notify us about it immediately otherwise we will charge you for the damages, if you decide to return your BUMPBOXX. If the BUMPBOXX has any marks, dirty spots, scratches, or other visual damage, the refund cannot be granted.

Please note that you have to cover the delivery costs upon return of the item. Sadly, the delivery costs are not refundable.  Please note the BUMPBOXX must be shipped back in the original box, otherwise the product cannot be fully refunded. If you received any free accessories as a part of a promotional campaign, you are required to send all of them back in order to receive the full refund.

In order to make sure that your packaging box is in its original condition, we advise you to check it for damages upon delivery. If the package is too damaged, we recommend to refuse it. If you choose to accept it after all, please make sure to make a note about it for the delivery company and notify our support team.

To request a refund, please contact Customer Service at Support@Bumpboxx.eu


Two Year Warranty Policy

The item is covered by a two-year limited consumer warranty, issued by Bumpboxx Europe. The warranty is issued to the customer who buys a new item directly from Bumpboxx Europe. This warranty cannot be assigned or transferred to any subsequent purchaser or user. Any item bought from official retailers have their warranty issued by the respective retailer. 

Bumpboxx Europe warrants to the customer that the device will, under normal use, function substantially in accordance with Bumpboxx Europe technical specifications or accompanying product documentation for a period of two years from the day the customers receives the product. Ultimately, Bumpboxx Europe does not offer warranty for customer induced damage and therefore, Bumpboxx Europe does not offer repairs in those situations.

*If the problem is caused by the customer him-/herself, Bumpboxx Europe does NOT cover the repair. If the customer has tried to fix the problem, especially, but not only in relations to interior alterations without any consultant from a Bumpboxx Europe employee, and the problem was not solved, Bumpboxx Europe does NOT cover the repair.



In order for us to proceed with the refund as soon as possible, please send an email to support@bumpboxx.eu where our team will guide you through the process.


Refunds are usually processed within 7-10 days. The money may not show up until your credit card's next monthly billing cycle. You will receive an email when this transaction has taken place. Please note that your banking institution may require additional time to process and post this transaction to your account once they have received the information from BUMPBOXX. Returns, refunds, and store credits may be made at the discretion of BUMPBOXX EUROPE.

You will be responsible for covering the costs upon return of your item. Sadly, the delivery costs are non-refundable.



You can only submit a request to cancel your order at support@bumpboxx.eu before you receive the shipping email.

Please note that your request may not be approved if your order is already being handled, even if you contact us before receiving the shipping email. 

If your order cannot be cancelled, you will get an e-mail notification when the order has been shipped. We'll however be more than happy to help you process the refund.


Feel free to Contact Us with any questions and we'll be sure to help!

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