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January 19, 2019

Hey Bumpboxx Europe Fans!

       Life has been a little crazy since our launch late in 2018.  I wanted to take some time to thank our customers for their patience as I embark on this new venture here in Europe. 

It hasn't been easy. Some shipments showed up damaged (we've now worked with DHL to improve on handling) and other minor growing pains that we've worked hard to fix.  It's relatively smooth sailing for now and to those of you who've stayed patient, we really appreciate it. 

We are happy to say we haven't had one return from unsatisfied customers.  It's clear that people are more than happy with Bumpboxx, the Loudest Boom box Bluetooth stereo on the planet! 

We've had really encouraging words from customers on our support.  Some of our German customers have gone as far as to say, "I've never had such fast responsive customer support before in my life"  I try to check my email as often as possible, even outside of normal business hours so the kind words really keeps me motivated. Customer service will always remain a top priority, no matter how big we get.

I am looking forward to a strong 2019.  We have some strong partnerships in place with some very influential people and companies.  This should really help us get the word out about our Bumpboxx brand. 

Many of you have been asking about our Uprock V1S and Flare model series.  We are in the process of placing an order for some of those.  We hope to have those land in Europe by summertime. We'll definitely keep you updated on that situation. 

Thanks again for all the support, the post shares, the kind words and the constant praise of our Bumpboxx FreeStyle V3S.  I am forever thankful. Until then... 

Keep Bumpin'

Steven Mucciacciaro

Bumpboxx Europe