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June 18, 2019

In July, I was was invited to partner with the amazing Hip Hop cultural experience in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.  A quaint and charming city, Plovdiv hosted this Street Masters Hip Hop cultural event displaying some of the best international talents from all over the globe.

The Bumpboxx took center stage for the outdoor event showcased during some of the amazing performances. 

Beat Boxers

The Beat boxing scene has taken on a life it's own in the recent years and there was no shortage of talent displayed during the Hip Hop.  The Mad Twinz from Russia put on an epic, creating unique flows with their tandem beat boxing.  If you haven't seen their brilliant duo act check them out on Instagram @madtwinz.

The second beat boxing feature was Inkie, a young man from Saint Petersburg, Russia.  The vice world champion loops his own sounds into a mind blowing production, right in front of you.  Some say his sounds provoked a revolution in the live looping, technique and beat boxing.  "Keep it strange" is one of the most popular at the moment. His performance leaves you questioning why we ever need musicians, when you have a full studio of sounds packed into one talented person. Check him out @Inkie.beatbox


There were some really awesome international talents that graced us with their performances during the Street Masters Hip Hop festival. All the way from United Kingdom, ClipC (@artistclipc) performed on the main stage, showcasing his unique dancehall and trap style flows.  With his calm demeanor, he had the Bulgarian crowd dancing and slow whining to his jams. 

ClipC & his Manger KAY


Jamakabi (@jamakabi), another london native, fired up the crowd with his UK Grime music.  Jamakabi's intense and lively act was a great finished to the second night of the festival. 

Last but not least, Bulgaria's own Reggae rapper, Jahmmi (@Jahmi_IG)  Listening to to his young talented artist makes you feel like you've transported to Jamaica, listening to some chill tunes.  Jahmmi definitely plays the part with his long dreadlocks, and chill demeanor but don't let his relaxed look fool you, he brings the heat with his lyrics.



I felt quite lucky to have experience and met some of the featured DJ's that showed up and played next to a Bumpboxx. DJ Marrrtin (@marrtin.dezer), basically the inventor of DJing breakdancing battles was there to spin some records for the featured breakdancing compeition. This French DJ, now better known on the Red Bull One circuit, is notorious for being a part of the Bboy movement from it's earlier days.  DJ Qbert, an absolute legend of the Bboy scene, finished off the last night with a crazy DJ set.  He showcased why he's considered one of the Godfathers of Vinyl Scratching.  Everyone gathered around to witness and take videos of the legend in the flesh, before we all knew it, the festival had wrapped up and it was time to call it weekend. I even got to meet some of the bigger breakdancers in the game like BBoy Manno, and Bboy Machine.  These guys are legends in the game, and true inspiration to the Bboy and Hip Hop scene.

 Dj Qbert

Why Should You Go to Plovdiv or Bulgaria?

Honestly I could of written a whole another blog entry just on how memorable my experience in Plovdiv and Bulgaria itself was.  To be short, Plovdiv is considered the cultural capital of Europe.  Reigning as one of the oldest cities in the world, the city has really put in an effort to make you feel at home, giving you a historical experience of the city.  The city has ruins nearly 2000 years old just at your footsteps as you walk the shops and city center. Aside from history, it really is an artists playground.  Nearly every block has wonderful mural street art draped over the neighborhood buildings.  The people are lovely and by lovely I mean absolutely hilarious, down to earth people who enjoy life. I was also surprised by how well the Bulgarians spoke English. The cost to travel there is relatively cheap.  If you can find a cheap ticket to Sofia, the cost of foods and accommodations are quite surprising.  I'll never forget buying seven delicious and fresh plums for half a Euro.  You can't beat that!  Finally, I have to mention that the infrastructure is really well organized.  In Sofia, there were several buses, trams and underground metros running all the time.  Using public transportation to get around was not confusing at all, and very convenient.

All in all, it was an amazing experience to be able to showcase Bumpboxx, the loudest bluetooth speaker on the planet, to these artists, dancers and dj's.  There was a lot of interest in the Bumpboxx as it sat front and center of the main stage. I was really happy to be a part of such a cool event.  As I sat back in my hotel,  after a long weekend in Bulgaria, I couldn't help to think that this was one of the reasons I wanted to Bring Bumpboxx to Europe and UK (United Kingdom).  I wanted to share with the world, this really cool product that can be used by all walks of life.  Whether it's the bboy who just needs music on-the-go to dance, or the beat boxer who wants to hustle in the park practicing his craft, the Bumpboxx truly is a product that brings people together.  And the Street Masters Festival was a reminder of that.  Music is meant to be played out loud, for everyone to hear, join together and share their craft and passion with each other.  Til next year, I will definitely have my July calendar marked for this event, and so should you! 

For more information and sweet videos check out Street Masters Facebook here:


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