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flare 6

Flare 8

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The Future of Urban Audio

Bumpboxx has a real crowd-gathering power with its throwback style and huge sound. While some competitors inflate their power rating, Bumpboxx is packed with 440 Watts of peak power, tested and true. Bumpboxx is designed for your family cookouts, sporting events, or karaoke nights.

Who’s bumpin’ with Bumpboxx?

Machine Gun Kelly

Snoop Dogg's FreeStyle

DJ Khaled Bumpin' his Flare!

T-Pain's Freestyle Review

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What Customers Think...

"I am in love! It's such a beast.  The sound quality is unbelievable.  I'm going to get my miss to take some of me and it later!"

Calum Simpkins - England

"I have heard my fair share of Boom boxes and bluetooth speakers, but this one so far puts them all to shame. This thing is loud and clear and if you crank it up to 90% you hardly hear any distortion.  It has a lot of ways to hook just about anything up to it, plus you can charge your phone or tablet too. This is a true beast."

Juan Soto - Spain

"Arrived tonight at 6:40pm and I'm delighted with it. Massive sound system, def worth every penny."

Jack Duffy - Scotland